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Mentorship Program Overview

Are you interested in supporting hardworking, first generation students? As a volunteer EPAAF Mentor, you would have the opportunity to support a student one-on-one through their college transition and throughout their college journey. You will serve as an important source of support, advice, and information for your mentee. But don’t worry - as a volunteer EPAAF Mentor, you will not be responsible for directing the process – the EPAAF team will partner with you to provide training and ongoing support, as well as directly provide other forms of support to our students. 

Kicking off with a dynamic half-day training in September, this program is a meaningful multi-year commitment. EPAAF Mentors will meet with their mentee(s) at least once a month and communicate with them via phone/text/email communication 2-3 times a month. Outside of the structured events, mentors are, of course, welcome and encouraged to spend additional time with their mentee(s). Mentors provide vital additional support and resources to their mentees, in addition to the support that they receive from EPAAF staff, and this truly helps our students to reach their college dreams. 

Mentor Roles

Academic: Mentors guide their mentees through everything from registering for classes to declaring a major and tracking their transcripts. As needed, they may provide support with an academic growth area - like college-level writing or math. Always, they encourage students to take intellectual risks and challenge themselves. 

Financial: Mentors understand that money can be a significant barrier to their mentees’ college goals. That’s why they help their mentees to create and stick to a budget, work with the EPAAF staff on special supply needs (e.g. computer, textbooks), support students with understanding their financial aid packages and navigating any issues that may arise, and develop mentees’ financial literacy. 

Social Resource Support: Knowing that much of a college education occurs outside of the classroom, mentors encourage mentees to take full advantage of many opportunities: internships, fellowships, student organizations, and extracurricular activities. Mentors will edit their mentees’ cover letters and resumes, help them to prepare for interviews, encourage them to network, and connect them to opportunities. 

General Advice and Emotional Support: Last but not least, mentors take on a hybrid friendship-cheerleader-role model position in their mentees’ lives. They encourage mentees, promote persistence, provide time management tips; they celebrate successes and coach them through challenges. 

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Mentor Reading List

To learn more about First Generation, Low-Income College Experience, Mentorship Approaches, and Our Scholars’ Historical and Community Context, click the mentor reading list link above.

Mentor Resources

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