EPAA connects students and community organizations, to the benefit of both. Community service and social justice are cornerstones of the EPAA curriculum. Community service builds leadership skills among our students and contributes to a stronger community through the projects of the many local organizations. Every year, EPAA seniors take part in “Compassion in the Community,” a year-long research project dedicated to filling an unmet need in their community. Student groups develop their own community-engaged projects and present the results to local stakeholders and professionals. During the 2017–2018 school year, students worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula to create a step dance class to develop kids' self-confidence and celebrate their culture; other groups offered bilingual mindfulness and yoga classes for Latino/Latina parents; another group facilitated a renters’ rights workshop for local families and spoke on a panel at Stanford University’s Haas Center of Public Service about the housing crisis.

The community-engaged projects led to EPAA’s winning the Civic Learning Award for California Public Schools, one of only six winners in 2018. EPAA “was selected because of its innovation, the intensity, and the commitment of the school behind the program.”


Students raised over $8,000 to fund local community-based organizations.

Students work with over 10 local community based nonprofits such as Ecumenical Hunger Program and Youth United for Community Action

360 students are committed to 25 hours of community service per year. In the 2016-2017 year, this resulted in 7,500 Community service hours contributed by EPAA students.